Clinics are held at the surgery, the receptionist can inform you which days these clinics are held. Patients with asthma should attend the clinic on a routine basis once a year although many will be seen more frequently. Patients will be taught a self-management plan so that they can deal with exacerbations of their condition before consulting their doctor. We have equipment to test lung function and in the event of an asthma attack during the working day, patients should attend the surgery promptly to receive nebuliser therapy, if appropriate.


All diabetic patients of this practice are welcome to attend the diabetic clinic at the surgery; the receptionist can inform you which days these clinics are held. It is supervised by one of the partners working with a practice nurse, a dietician and a chiropodist. The majority of our diabetic patients will have their needs met by this clinic. We are in regular contact with the community services (diabetic liaison sisters) as well as the Hillingdon Hospital Diabetic Clinic, and appropriate advice can be sought here if appropriate.

Child Immunisations

We offer protection for children against infectious diseases by a programme of immunisations. Notification is sent automatically when each immunization is due. A very high proportion of the children in our practice are being immunised (well over 90%).

The diseases against which we routinely immunise children are: whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, HIB meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella. Immunisation against tuberculosis (TB) is offered separately by the Community Health Services and the age at which it is given depends on circumstances appropriate to individual families. We strongly recommend acceptance of the MMR vaccine but will be happy to discuss the issues arising from recent media publicity. The clinic are held by appointment.

Minor Surgery

Minor operations are carried out at the health centre. Removal of cysts, moles and toe nails are examples of procedures undertaken under local anaesthetic. Bookings for this clinic can only be made following a consultation with one of the doctors. The waiting list is currently two months but if you have a suspicious skin lesion requiring biopsy you will normally be seen within one week. Injections of joints is performed by several of the doctors during normal surgery hours.


We have 24 hour blood pressure monitoring equipment and an ECG machine and can more completely investigate and appropriately treat patients with high blood pressure in the practice. Meanwhile, if you are on treatment for blood pressure, you should see a nurse every six months for a check-up unless your doctor wishes to see you.

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